Timeless Wisdom

An interesting question comes up regarding interfaith and interspiritual fellowships—what to talk about! One of my core beliefs is there is more in common among the world’s religions than differences that separate them (which of course would provide one answer for what to talk about)… My answer to “what to talk about” is my view of what we have in common, what I call Timeless Wisdom.

What is Authenticity?

What is Authenticity? by Rev. Nelle Moffett When we gathered our first Authentic Spiritual Conversations group, one topic that inevitably kept coming up is: What do we mean by authenticity? What is authentic conversation? An early conversation in the Arizona group addressed the circumstances in which we tend not to be authentic, to hide, stay…

The Evolution of Religious Institutions

At Common Ground Interspiritual Fellowship (CGI Fellowship) we are interested in meeting the needs of two groups of people. The first group consists of the “Spiritual but not Religious” sometimes referred to as the “nones” (when asked religious affiliation the response is “none”). For these folks, we want to provide a spiritual community. The other group includes people who are members of traditional churches but don’t experience the freedom to speak out and question beliefs or practices “at home.” For this group as well as the first group, we want to provide an opportunity to freely, honestly, and safely explore their inner questions, doubts, and emerging wisdom in a community of listeners and fellow explorers.

Choosing Peace

Choosing Peace by Rev. Nelle Moffett Are you concerned about the recent events in the news and all of the violence that you see happening in the world and in our own cities? There is something that each of us can do about all of this. We have been using a practice which is based…